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It's about time, maybe...

dmmaus pointed out the linked CricInfo article to me. Frankly, I don't really understand why it's taken this long for anything to be said or for something like this to go public; it's been an open secret for quite some time that USACA's competence left much to be desired.  There's no real reason that cricket shouldn't be popular here; with all the players we have at the various local levels, the only real excuse is that USACA - who are responsible for promoting cricket in this country - have made NO effort that I can perceive over the past forty years to bring cricket into the public eye.  I thought that when the ICC announced their 'Project USA' and appointed someone out of England to head it up, maybe things would change - but so far, nothing has been happening.  An independent, Kal Patek, has done more for cricket in the USA just last summer (in ProCricket) than the entire USACA effort. And the various national cricket boards in other countries have been actively fighting him, too.  Hopefully, this will be a major wake-up call to USACA, and something will change - but, like NYC's Second Avenue subway, I won't believe it until I'm RIGHT THERE seeing it in the flesh.

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