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January 2018
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Accidental Discoveries...

So, today I was sitting at my dispatch base and being a little bored, and was reading on my Clié.  Someone called me, I started to put it down, and it slipped out of my hand and onto the table, next to my laptop.  I deal with what I was called for, and return to the desk, and see a systray balloon on the laptop screen - telling me that there's another computer within range of the infrared port.

I do the expected double-take.  I see that the IR port of the Clié is pointed right at the IR port of the laptop.  I figure, what the hell, let's see what happens if I try to transfer an eBook from the laptop to the Clié.

Sonofabitch, it worked!  It even worked in both directions; I could beam a .prc file back to the laptop.  Neat!  I've got a new toy!

I'm feeling...: geekygeeky