The Freelance Traveller (freetrav) wrote,
The Freelance Traveller

Comment on a meme...

There's a meme going around about how you should post a certain sentence in your LJ if you meet a certain criterion.  That criterion has to do with 'friendship' and specifically, 'close' friendship.  That leads me to a different question: How do you define 'friend', and how do you define 'close friend'? By observing those around me, I've concluded that what I have aren't 'friends' much less 'close friends'; they're 'acquaintances' with whom I have relationships (which may be more or less extensive) - but rarely do those relationships run beyond one or two common interests. And I have my suspicions as to why I'm that way - but that's another post for another time.  Suffice it for now to say that my emotional mechanisms are broken, probably irreparably, and leave it at that.

So, what in your view constitutes friendship, and/or close friendship?
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