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Jerking Around #13 - Coca-Cola Origins: Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has created some ‘specialty’ flavors, including some regional favorites. One that struck my fancy was the Georgia Peach-flavored Coke, so when I saw it, I grabbed a four-pack.

I’ll start out by saying that it’s Coca-Cola. Unquestionably. Anything that you can say about Coca-Cola, you can say about this. However, the Georgia Peach flavoring is distinctly there, and adds a nice note to an already good beverage, without adding sweetness. Carbonation is standard for Big Soda, which means that you’ll likely have a burpable bubble even with the small bottle.

I’d like to see this go nationwide in the Zero Sugar, but I’m not holding my breath - Coke has been known to do things like this and then let them silently vanish. Because it’s a ‘full sugar’ soda, it’s not going to be on my list, even if it stays around for a while; I’ll finish up the four-pack I found, eventually, but that’ll be it.

I found this at my local Target as a four-pack of 12-oz bottles in the classic shape, but it’s not a regular feature there. It can be ordered from Amazon, but you’ll be paying a premium.

I should note that I am reviewing this primarily as a basis for comparison for a SodaStream experiment. Watch this space!

11.67 Cal/fl oz (39.46 kcal/100ml)
37g carb per 12 fl oz bottle
Sweetened with cane sugar

The Coca-Cola Company

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