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Jerking Around #12: SodaStream Experiment - Cucumber and Mint

The recipe I used is in the capsule summary at the bottom of this entry. The result was not quite what I was looking for; what I wanted was something flavor-wise similar to the Found Cucumber and Mint from Jerking Around #6 (on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal), but perhaps with the mint flavor a bit more pronounced. What I got was something that was strongly mint, strong enough to mostly overwhelm the cucumber, in spite of having used twice the amount of the cucumber flavoring that SodaStream recommends. In addition, you could tell that there was something like mint involved, but not what it actually was; most of the mint was the ‘burn’; in order to bring out the real flavor, some sort of sweetening is apparently necessary.

The low-carbonation setting for the SodaStream is still more bubbly than Found, MASH, or GuS previously reviewed in this series; if you chug the results, you will have a burpable bubble. You’ll see slow formation of bubbles on the sides of the glass, breaking off and being renewed, but if you drink-not-chug, you’re unlikely to get the bubbles up your nose.

I’d class this as a partly-failed experiment, but one that would be worth repeating with an adjusted recipe. I’ve already picked up some liquid Stevia to use as a sweetener in the next attempt.

Made with SodaStream
1 tsp SodaStream Cucumber drops
1 tsp McCormick Mint Extract
Low carbonation setting

0 Cal/Fl. Oz. (0 kcal/100ml)
0g carb

SodaStream U.S.A. Inc.
McCormick & Co., Inc.

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