The Freelance Traveller (freetrav) wrote,
The Freelance Traveller

Diabetes:M Corrections

Back at the end of October, I posted some comments about Diabetes:M, the program I use (on Android) to help manage my diabetes. I recently flagged that post to the company, and got a response thanking me for the kind words, and offering some minor corrections:

  • The company is Sirma Medical Systems, not Sirna. An easy ‘reado’ to commit when looking at tiny print on a phone screen.
  • The original developer didn't sell the program to Sirma; he's the CEO of Sirma, and still actively working on the program.
  • Export and Report are for two different purposes - you export to and from other programs; you generate reports for your doctor. Export to spreadsheet format, and reports in either spreadsheet format or PDF, are premium features. The basic program does permit import and export to several other (presumed popular) diabetes management programs, including some that are supplied with certain glucometers.

I stand by my recommendation; this is quite definitely a valuable tool in diabetes management.

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