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Jerking Around #8 - Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer

Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer is both like and unlike other birch beers - the traditional ‘harsh’ flavor of birch beer is there, but it’s also ‘cut’ a little with the smoothness of a classic vanilla cream soda. It’s not the same flavor you’d get by mixing the two, however; while this has the smoothness of a vanilla cream soda, probably from the vanilla listed as an ingredient, there isn’t so much that you actually taste the vanilla. It’s all birch beer, and quite enjoyable.

The carbonation is on a par with most major-brand sodas; it’s a bit heavier than I prefer, and leaves me with a burpable bubble.

When held up to the light—unfortunately, I didn’t have one that I could take a picture with—it’s quite definitely the red that Boylan’s named it; it’s possible that you can get a hint of it by looking at the accompanying picture, up at the top of the soda.

I enjoy this accompanying spicy foods—it goes well next to a chicken-and-andouille-sausage jambalaya.

I find this occasionally at one of the Grand Central food vendors; it’s also an occasional flavor available at my local Fairway. If you like it, stock up; it doesn’t seem to be a regularly-stocked flavor anywhere I’ve found it.

Sold as singleton or four-packs of 12 oz (360 ml) glass bottles.
14.17 Cal/fl oz (47.91kcal/100ml)
Sweetened with Cane Sugar
Boylan Bottling Co.

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