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Yesterday, I was at the local SCA group's Agincourt Memorial Tourney event.  Never mind that somehow, we rewrote history (the French won all three tournaments - "heavy combat", archery, and fencing); never mind that the feast was definitely right up to Østgarðr standards, this event had a Moment.

Recently, one of the members from Putnam County, NY (a fairly rural area, barely starting to suburbanize) got into falconry, and has caught and trained (is still training) a bird.  She's now bringing the bird around to get it used to being shown off.

Some other people were permitted to hold the bird for brief periods.  One of the people who was brave enough to try was our Viceroy.  Here's pictures - each one is 1280x960, about 198K.  I've put them behind cuts (and squeezed display size to 640x480).

First pic...

Second pic (I like this one better)...

Absolutely wonderful... a medieval nobleman with "his" hunting bird on his wrist.

These pics were taken using my Sony Clié NX-80V PDA, which has a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera.

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