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Random Musing, re-posted...

Reposted so most of you will see it; the way it got posted last time, it won't show up on your Friends page...

For the past couple of weeks, I've been going twice a week to physical therapy for some minor back problems; I managed to do something that my body wasn't designed to do, and it protested a little too long.  That's neither here nor there; the prescription - plus a little bit of 'hey, when the body feels wrong, it's trying to tell you something' consciousness, and I'm OK now.

Part of the PT was ultrasonic massage.  Which involved siting the 'electrodes', placing a warm, moist towel over them, and then putting a gel-pad on top of that.  The gel-pad was fairly dense, and meant that there was noticeable weight on my back.  The whole process was quite pleasant, and I seem to be in good shape now.

But that gel-pad got me thinking: When I'm lying in bed - asleep or not - I'll opt for keeping the temperature lower than normal and adding additional layers of blanket, in preference to keeping the temperature at a comfortable level and using only a light blanket or a topsheet.  A brief bit of chat on #C suggests that other people opt for the extra layers - and their weight - as well.

I'm curious, and would appreciate your thoughts: Why?  Is this some sort of hindbrain response, buried so deep in our history that there's no real hope of figuring out why, or can people put a reason to why they like the extra weight/layers?  Or is it as overwhelmingly popular as I think it is, at all?  If you don't feel this way, I'd like to hear that, as well, and why not.  And feel free to spread the question around; it's a public entry.

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I have trouble sleeping in Summer, not because it's hot (and it is) but because I've thrown all the blankets off and I'm sleeping under a light sheet.

In winter I don't use an electric blanket. I just throw more blankets on.

Hmmm... You and me both. Although about six months apart in timing...

What I'm really wondering is WHY people prefer it that way, if they do. unixronin says in the comment after yours that he doesn't quite do it the way you and I do - but he also doesn't go in the other direction and keep the room warm; he simply prefers a different style of cover.

I prefer to have the room slightly cool and have a lightweight comforter that I can snuggle into, provided "slightly cool" is an available option. I sleep marginally better that way (and I sleep so badly that every bit of "marginally" counts). I specifically don't like having a big pile of heavy blankets over me, and in fact this is why I don't like the thermal "blanket" that cymrullewes loves so much -- to me, it's twice as heavy as my thick winter comforter, and not as warm as even the lightweight one.

Out of curiosity, I guess you figured out why your posts weren't showing up ..... what was the problem?

It turns out that anything that is posted with the 'backdate entry' box ticked won't show up in Friends pages or a couple of other places. Since I wrote my Nov. 2 "get out and vote" screed and technical discussion of the Electoral College nearly two weeks before the election, I had to write the two subsequently-created October entries with 'backdate' set. Thus, they didn't show up. Turns out that this was in the FAQ, but the question wasn't phrased in a way that would suggest that it had relevancy to my problem.

I always sleep with a down comforter on the bed. THat is mostly due to the thyroid thing I have going on. I also sleep with a fan on as well. The fan is more to generate white noise so I can sleep. During the summer with the fan on it gets quite cold at night (in Seattle at any rate) I find that a cool room with warm blankies is for whatever reason more conducive to sleeping for me. Perhaps it is because the temperature differential lets you snuggle in more or something.

Mmmmm... snuggling in. Yeah, I think that may have something to do with it for me, too. Which leads to the question of the psychology of snuggling into blankets - why is it more satisfying than simply keeping the environment at a "comfortable" temperature?

We is humans and humans like and actually crave touch. Studies have shown that snuggling bare skin on bare skin with babies actually helps develop their brains. Babies who are held a lot are a lot smarter etc.

Snuggling makes the hind brain feel safe and secure. We sleep better when we know that that big bad predator hasnt got a chance of eating us :)