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Jerking Around #3 - GuS Star Ruby Grapefruit

GuS Star Ruby Grapefruit

GuS stands for “Grown-up Soda” and claims to be “Not Too Sweet”. The Star Ruby Grapefruit flavor lives up to the billing. The soda is a cloudy pink color, and there is a small amount of sediment in the bottom. There are no specific admonitions on the bottle, but a gentle agitation of the bottle before drinking is indicated. It has a quite refreshing, tart citrus flavor, not purely grapefruit (it is mostly grapefruit and orange), with light carbonation amounting to a strong fizz on the tongue. Sweetness isn’t absent, but it’s not the cloying sweetness of too much HFCS - one could almost suppose that it’s no more than the natural sweetness of citrus fruit. There are seven other flavors in the line; I’ve seen “Dry Pomegranate”, “Dry Valencia Orange”, “Extra Dry Ginger Ale”, and “Dry Cola”; the website claims those plus “Dry Root Beer”, “Dry Meyer Lemon”, and “Dry Cranberry Lime”.

I’d want two of these, not one, but it’d be a great referesher on hot days. It would also make a nice palate cleanser.

Sold in four-packs of 12oz (360ml) bottles
7.5 Cal/fl.oz.(25.36 kcal/100ml)
Sweetened with cane sugar
Utmost Brands

ETA: I find this at a food vendor in the Dining Court at Grand Central Terminal, and also at a nearby Fairway supermarket.

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their ginger is very pleasant. not quite intensely gingery enough for me, but nice nonetheless.

Sounds lovely.

When you do these reviews, it might be a good idea to indicate what shops local to you that you've seen them. I know that we don't have, say, Stop 'n Shop here, but much of what it carries is in one of our local chains, Giant Eagle. And, obviously, if you happen to see it in a Whole Foods, that means many of the other ones might also have it.

You'll note that I've gone back and updated this and previous reviews, and included it in the Gosling's review from the get-go. It was an excellent idea, and I thank you for it.

This does sound good. I tend to prefer the less-sweet soft drinks, and this sounds like one I could get into.