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Jerking Around #0(c) - A Bit About My Tastes

I should perhaps make some comments on my own personal tastes, since they will undoubtedly influence how I describe the sodas I review.

While I do not turn up my nose at highly-sugared, very sweet sodas, I don't actually seek them out, and given a choice, will generally choose something tart or even bitter over something sweet. I'm the kind of person who will consider bitter lemon or tonic water to be drinkable, even enjoyable, in its own right, and not strictly as a mixer. I will choose a root beer, birch beer, sarsaparilla, cola, or similar "harsh" flavor over a very sweet fruity flavor like orange or pineapple.

I prefer moderate carbonation; too little carbonation tends to leave a soda too sweet (more carbonation means more carbonic acid, which has a sourness that counters the excessive sweetness of most syrups); too much does uncomfortable things to my upper digestive system (burping is rude, and it's very uncomfortable to have a bubble that needs to be burped up).
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