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Jerking Around #0

OK, so I like making really stupid puns. Sue me.

The pun, in this case, is that the “jerk” in the title is a reference to being a soda jerk - someone who makes sodas from syrup and seltzer in an old-fashioned luncheonette (and there really are still some out there).

Future articles in this series are going to be reviews-after-a-fashion of soda, much the way [personal profile] den/dewhitton has been reviewing beers in his Around the World in 80 Beers posts. Like that ‘quest for beer’, I’m not going to be looking at the ‘big brands’ (e.g., Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, etc.), but will be looking at lesser-known brands and my own experiments with the SodaStream system. Since there is some imprecision with the making of soda in a SodaStream, I’ll make a non-review post in this series explaining certain terms I’ll be using, for those who have SodaStream systems of their own and want to try to reproduce my experiment(s).

Also like the ‘quest for beer’, I’ll post pictures.

Watch the tag ‘soda’ for further developments in this series. It will appear on both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal; my username is the same on both services, and I'll read comments posted to either.

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