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More Thoughtstream on Sodastream

I tried SodaStream's own Sparkling Naturals ginger ale:

  • It's much more expensive than the standard Sodastream syrups. Roughly four times the price per liter. The flavor is not significantly different from the standard syrup.
  • The seltzer has a much greater tendency to foam up while adding a Sparkling Naturals syrup than with standard syrup. When the instructions say to pour the syrup down the side of the mixing bottle slowly, they mean it.
  • The syrup-to-seltzer ratio is pretty close to the 1:5 ratio that Pittsburgh Soda Pop calls for on their syrups, which are billed as all-natural.
  • The standard syrups say to store them in a cool, dry place. They don't require refrigeration after opening. The Sparkling Naturals do require refrigeration after opening.

If all-natural ingredients aren't a fetish for you, stick with the standard syrups. There are a few more flavors in the standards than in the Sparkling Naturals.

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