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January 2018
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Cut And Paste

You've been given a clock face with no numbers, and four strips of plastic letters as shown below. You have to cut those strips up, and paste the pieces onto the clock face so that it has the correct numbers in the correct locations. How do you cut the strips?





ETA: OK, I should know better when Callahooligans read my journal... Let me rephrase the question: Between which letters on which strips would you cut to accomplish the stated aim?

I'm feeling...: devious

For example thusly:




V-I-I-I-I-IX (because I hate doing 4 as IIII, and I intend to slant those I's together to make a proper IV. This will leave me with one spare I stick, which I can use to menace the hypotheical people who provide an inadequate kit.)

Well, it'd be obvious that that's what you did; the I\/ isn't really going to look like a proper IV. And it is traditional to render 4 as IIII on clocks, even if the alleged reason for the origin of the practice has some credibility problems.

You note that my solution allows that option as well, much as I dislike it.

V IIII IX 5,4,11

VI II IIX 6,2,12

VII III X 7,3,10

VIII I IX 8,1,9

You have to flip the 11 & 12 upside down, but no bigggie.

I started by cutting the 8, 7, 6 & 5. After that the rest was pretty obvious. :-)

Edited at 2012-06-27 11:56 am (UTC)