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January 2018
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says “Yes”.

There’s a viral call-to-action regarding this; I’m specifically NOT chaining into it because the original article is in a locked journal, and the entry in question was not opened to general readership.

Read the article at the link; the gist is that the wording of the bill gives the government and ISPs all the rights/powers they would have had under SOPA/PIPA, essentially ending any shred of on-line privacy, in the name of 'cybersecurity', which is defined to include protection against 'theft of intellectual property' or 'government information'. In addition to allowing ISPs to monitor your usage - and the bill doesn't mean just quantity, it includes content - it grants the government the right to take action against organizations that leak information that the government doesn't want in public - such as the cables in the Wikileaks episode a few months back, or perhaps the Pentagon Papers, or maybe Watergate...

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