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Status Report and Seeking Recommendations

Last night at about 22:00, the Freelance Traveller website went down - and apparently, so did the hosting provider's entire network. At 05:00 this morning, there was no information. By 10:00 this morning, they had a recorded message at the number in the WHOIS record for Technical Contact. That recording was reporting that the network was "still down" as of 09:30 YESTERDAY, when things appeared to be up.

If we go by my time figures, it's been over 20 hours with no useful information and no service. That's not good, by any standards.

I think I need to find a new provider. Admittedly, this is their first serious outage since I'm with them, but after 20 hours they still have absolutely nothing back up?

I'd like to hear comments about other folks's experiences with their webhosting companies, and recommendations and disrecommendations. Comments will be screened, for now.
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