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A pillar of smoke by day, a pillar of fire by night; we knew not where it would lead, yet still we followed.

I think that perhaps it is time to stop, look where we are, and ask ourselves if this is where we wanted to be and where we should be. And then act on the answers as appropriate.

I'm feeling...: pensivepensive

That's about the same thing I've been thinking.

I don't get the reference. (I mean, I know what anniversary was yesterday, and I assume this is a reference to... er, whatchamacallit? the Exodus? but I don'ty get the connection or what you're trying to say.)

It's only very obliquely a reference to Exodus or Numbers (I think the friend that found it for me found it in Numbers), but the pillar of smoke and pillar of fire fit very well with the reality of what happened that day - they are, in this case, quite literal. The leading is less literal than the Bible would have it, and refers to the direction our government has gone - quite often with our support - in expanding its control and putative authority.

I lit a candle.