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Testing crossposting between DW and LJ, and no, I haven't forgotten the Sudoku question...

I've got a seed account at Dreamwidth now, and for the foreseeable future will be posting to both DW and LJ via the DW crossposting capability. I'm both [info] - personalfreetrav and freetrav, so it's easy to find me. I'm still exploring DW, though, so LJ should still be considered the primary site for my blogging.

I haven't forgotten about the Sudoku techniques question I posted at the end of March. It turns out that doing it the way I'd intended would result in an entry that was massively over any reasonable limit for LJ (or probably any LJ-based site), so I'm working on the full discussion off-line, and then I will break it up and post the pieces one at a time over a period. They'll be tagged 'sudoku' and 'logicpuzzle'.

I also wrote a series of discourses on various aspects of web design several years ago, and posted them on the web space that my ISP provided. They've not been updated; I think I will update them and post the updates here instead of on that space. They'll be tagged 'webdesign'.


For what it's worth, the entry length limit is much higher on Dreamwidth than on LiveJournal. See http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=120. This could cause crossposting problems, though.

I just added you in DW