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Question for the assembled...

I've been thinking about a post on Sudoku-completion techniques. It would be quite long, so I *would* put it behind a cut - but the question is whether folx would be interested in reading it. So, that's the question: Should I do this, and would there be interest in reading it?


I would be interested. Whether you should write it is up to you. :-)

I'd like to read about it.

Sure. Go for it! It will be interesting to see your take on the subject.

I'd read it. (Spousal Unit is the Sudoku player in our household, but I'd be interested in some Tips/Tricks. For that matter, I'd be interested in seeing you post just about anything, if it meant you were posting again ;-D)

in theory, yes; in practice i've read way too many of them for someone who doesn't even do the puzzles :)


It'd be interesting to see how other people do it.

Please do it.


Not being a Sudoku-ist, I'd love to see what you've got to say about it. IRC is all well and good but it's not a medium for the time-challenged to learn much.

I really love sudoku. Seriously, it's a fracking addiction. I have 2 sudoku apps on my phone alone. I do 10 puzzles a day. I wish I were exaggerating.

Please, do post.