The Freelance Traveller (freetrav) wrote,
The Freelance Traveller

It's Here!

A while back, I'd posted about a forthcoming e-Book reader from NAEB LLC, done in loose association with Baen Books. Well, that reader is here and can be ordered from NAEB - the deluxe version is $375, and includes the reader and battery, a USB cable, a USB A/C charger, the cover, a 1GB SD card and earphones. This is the deluxe version of the Bookeen reader; NAEB can get it to you for the reduced price - almost down to the $350 originally expected to be the price without the accessories - because they're able to take advantage of quantity discounts. There's only 1000 in the first order, so if you haven't signed up to be notified of when you can send money to get yours, do so now at NAEB's website.

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