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January 2018
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The Freelance Traveller [userpic]
Another Open Letter to Lois McMaster Bujold

Dear Ms Bujold,

You've continued to do it.

I've recently completed The Sharing Knife: Legacy and I continue to be impressed, and I continue to enjoy the story. I must, however, emphasize two words that encapsulate my feelings:


You have given me a story as carefully crafted as a symphony, and like a symphony, you have contrieved to make each movement stand by itself, on its own merits, while still setting the stage for the next, and resolving the previous. You continue to present a world that 'feels' real, with characters who are three-dimensional, and clearly part of their world, rather than being the raison d'être for a 'flat' world, acting as a stage for actors.

Please, please continue this story, that I may continue to enjoy it!

Thank you, again.

I'm feeling...: enthralledenthralled