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The Olympic Logo for 2012

"Mesmerised as if confronting a nasty incident in traffic, we gaze at the Olympic logo. It is a puerile mess, an artistic flop and a commercial scandal."

From #Callahans:

<Snack> Those shapes spell out LOLZ

There are no words. Really. I could do better, with my complete and utter lack of design sense.

I'm feeling...: speechless

I think they spell out ZOR

Who, I believe, is the ancient god of athlete eating.

Yeah, been all over the BBC. No one likes it.

Appeal to the young? Of maybe the 1980's.... and only the way adults saw those teenagers.

*points the designers to logos for video games and such, either elegant (FF series) or cute (Wii, other Ninetendo games) as a sign that they have it wrong*