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G*d-damned IJIT!

We won't go into why it took three days to process an order when I requested one-day. Most of that time was processing, anyway, not shipping.

I ordered a wireless card for my Clié, and yesterday, it arrived. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, it arrived while I was at work, so it went back to the local depot. So, after a quick call to verify that it was in fact back at the FedEx depot, I puttered on over there to pick it up. No problem, although the streets in that part of Mt. Vernon are arranged a little funny, and I briefly got lost. Again. Just like I manage to do every time I've had to go over there...

So, I get my package, no problem. I toss it into the car, follow it, start up the car, and start backing out of the parking spot. Only to find some yutz trying to direct me out, managing to stand in one of two places at any given microsecond - (1) Right where he's telling me to take the car, which is where I'd be going anyway; I do know how to drive, even in overpacked parking lots, or (2) Right in my g*ddamn blind spot. So I'm busy trying to maneuver out of this lot, and trying to avoid hitting him, and it's dark, and they don't quite have enough lighting in the lot, and it's that awful yellowish sodium lighting that seems to be standard nowadays, and it's a white building, and their trucks are white, so guess what happens. The trunk still latches, but I'd bet that it's trivial to put a hand under the edge and lift, and the latch would pop right open. I ain't gonna try it; it'd only compound the damage.

Turns out that the yutz is a FedEx employee (or maybe an employee of a security company that FedEx contracts with at that location; I never did get a straight answer on that), but he's not wearing anything that would identify him in the least. And FedEx refused to give me his employee name and number, and had the gall to issue a veiled threat that if their (undamaged) truck (van, really) turned up damaged, their risk-management division would want to contact me, so may they please have my name and insurance info? NOT A FSCKING CHANCE. So, the police it was, with a formal accident report filed. Of course, the police didn't ask me for anything but my license, registration, and insurance info, and spent a lot of time talking to the manager of the FedEx depot, who saw nothing (after the accident, I went back into the office and told them in no uncertain terms to get his butt out to the lot), and knew only what I told him about the accident. They didn't interview the yutz, though, either.

So now, I have no doubt that my insurance rate is going to go up, plus having to spend who-knows-how-much on getting the car fixed (drivable, but some of the lights are out - which will inevitably lead to summonses for that). G*d-damned ijit.

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