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Why Books Are Better Than TV, Movies, and Videos

  • A book can't be spoiled by lousy casting, acting, or directing. Admittedly, they can still suffer from lousy writing or editing.
  • A book accommodates itself to your schedule.
  • 25% of the length of a book isn't advertising.
  • There aren't any arguments about what book to read. If three people want to read three different books in the family room at the same time, what's the problem?
  • Books can be rented for nothing (got a library card?), have a rental period two to three times - or more - as long as for a video, and much smaller penalties for late returns.
  • A book's batteries don't go dead at inconvenient times. Mostly because books don't NEED batteries.
  • An ongoing series of books doesn't have to fit its stories into multiples of twenty-three minutes.
  • Books don't require a high-tech information infrastructure to produce or read, and almost everyone has the equipment necessary to make one to his or her own taste. Skill and motivation might well be a different story, but...

I'm feeling...: awake

I can read about what happened much faster than I can watch it. Movies are too slow.

There very much are arguments about what books to read. Sure, everyone wanting to read a different one is not a problem. Try everyone wanting to read the same book that you only own one copy of. (We have already negotiated the reading order for the upcoming Harry Potter).

Books can be rented for nothing, too - our local library is pretty well stocked in them, actually. But true, you can keep them for only a week. The penalties for late return are much the same, though. (Incidentally, the Blockbuster late fees are now a lot less draconian now that they switched to the "you keep it, you bought it" model.)

An ongoing series of books, if not well edited, can grow to n-hundred-page drivel no less lame than a no-star sequel.

And, thanks to assorted devices movies can now accomodate themselves to your schedule, too.