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Why Books Are Better Than TV, Movies, and Videos

  • A book can't be spoiled by lousy casting, acting, or directing. Admittedly, they can still suffer from lousy writing or editing.
  • A book accommodates itself to your schedule.
  • 25% of the length of a book isn't advertising.
  • There aren't any arguments about what book to read. If three people want to read three different books in the family room at the same time, what's the problem?
  • Books can be rented for nothing (got a library card?), have a rental period two to three times - or more - as long as for a video, and much smaller penalties for late returns.
  • A book's batteries don't go dead at inconvenient times. Mostly because books don't NEED batteries.
  • An ongoing series of books doesn't have to fit its stories into multiples of twenty-three minutes.
  • Books don't require a high-tech information infrastructure to produce or read, and almost everyone has the equipment necessary to make one to his or her own taste. Skill and motivation might well be a different story, but...
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