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From the Bigger Is Better Department...

Selchow and Righter/Hasbro has released another game in the Scrabble® series of word games: Super Scrabble. Unlike their previous efforts to 'gimmick' the brand, this game is actually a reasonable enhancement idea, preserving the simplicity of the original game while renewing it.

Super Scrabble's premise is simply: "Take Scrabble, and double it.". That is, there are approximately twice as many squares on the board (it's now 21x21), and there are twice as many tiles to play with (they've taken the distribution from the original set, and simply doubled the number of tiles of each letter (including blanks)). Obviously, the new, larger board means more premium squares, and they've extended out to Quad-letter and -word scores. Any ten-letter words with a Q and two Zs out there?

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