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There's a first time for everything...

... and I just had such an experience.  And I don't like it.

Some CENSORED just knocked me completely off the 'net.  As in, my DSL was down/red status.  Because it thought I was 'with' someone else who allegedly cooperated with two other people to 'steal' a channel from it.  Never mind that the three individuals indicated DO NOT do that sort of thing, never mind that my association with them is essentially nonexistent any more (one of them and I routinely auto-op each other in a channel that needs protection, but doesn't have enough traffic for CService).  Just come in to MY channel and start attacking my 'bots and me, without trying to get facts.

It claims to be Romanian, but a /whois indicated a school in Spain.  I couldn't get an IP address to target formal complaints (not that most providers - even schools - give much of a damn about IRC) or to have an IRCOp k-line/g-line it.

And it wouldn't surprise me to find that the machine - wherever it was - was actually pwn3d.

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