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End of an Era

From a toast I gave in #Callahans (Undernet)

[10:08] Yesterday, June 28, 2006, an era ended.
[10:09] Jim Baen, who gave his name to a publishing house, revolutionized the industry, by showing that electronic books were viable - and that giving them away would generate sales.
[10:10] Two weeks ago, this industry trailblazer suffered a stroke.
[10:11] Since then, his friends, his family, and his readers have been pulling for him, as Callahooligans do in their CEPTs.
[10:11] Yesterday, at 5PM, his battle ended, sadly.
[10:12] Rest in Peace, Jim, and know that you will not be forgotten. And thank you, for what you have done, and for the differences you have made.

rolanni has reprinted David Drake's obituary here

Edit: The original obit is also here at David Drake's website.
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