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Dunno how I manage it, but I still have a right knee. This in spite of having injured myself three times while working for the PD, and all three times, I've managed to bloody my right knee.  Last night was the third time. Given my job, it's perhaps not difficult to understand why I've been able to walk to a police facility to request aid each time, but that has in fact been the case.  Last night, I was walking to the bus stop to catch a crosstown bus to where I could get my suburb-bound train, and as I was crossing the street to the bus stop, I managed to trip over the sidewalk.  The local precinct (not where I was working) was about a block away, so I walked over there, leaving a red stain on the knee of my pants, and got first aid over there. No big deal, except that it's the third time I've managed to do this - and it's always the right knee.  Gotta wonder about my reflexes; I know how to take a fall and roll to avoid serious injury - but somehow, I can't manage to avoid bloodying that knee...

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