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Nasty Ballot Again

First, the annual reminder about voting.

Next, a repeat of last year's bitch about the ballot.This year was same shit, different slate. The only two contests on the ballot this year were Proposition One, an attempted power-grab by the state legislature under the rubric of 'budget process reform', and Proposition Two, a bond act for roughly three-and-a-half-billion dollars, only half of which would go to improving the transportation system that is used by well over half the commuters in the state.  No on One, Yes on Two - but that's just my opinion. All of the races for offices were 'uncontested' (same definition as last year) or no-votes.

Interesting observation: All of the anti-abortion ranting that makes the media seems to come from people who tend to take positions on other issues that are considered characteristic positions of the extreme wing of the Republican party.  Yet the Right-to-Life party in New York State seems to universally and consistently endorse ... Democrats? Wazzupwiddat?

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