The Freelance Traveller (freetrav) wrote,
The Freelance Traveller

Money talks, bullshit walks

In this entry in usa_cricket, I very deliberately omitted some of my thoughts, which would have belonged in the last paragraph of that entry.  Those thoughts can be summed up as follows:

Major League Cricket has more of an interest in a successful outcome than USACA possibly could, because MLC is expecting a (long term) return on its investment - it is a profit-making corporation, rather than a non-profit organization, and thus its principals' personal financial success will depend on the organization's. This is a model that has - time and again - worked well in the United States, especially for sports (try telling me that any of our professional sports networks would have been as successful if the overall organization weren't in it for the money!) - and there is no reason why cricket should be any different. The only thing that any of USACA's principals can expect to get out of their organization is (a) power, and/or (b) a sense of satisfaction in a job well-done - but if they don't care about (b), there's no incentive to do the job any better than the minimum necessary - which seems to be pretty low.

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