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Better Late Than Never...

So now that I've gotten an excessively busy week out of my way (and started a week-long vacation)...

The week before this just past, I was sent to class to learn how to administer Windows XP. This nearly a year after XP started making its way into the job, and more than two years after I got my first (two) XP boxen at home. So, most of what was covered in the class was stuff I'd already discovered on my own from simply needing to know it.

As a result, I can call myself a "Microsoft Certifiable Professional". Certifiable, but not certified, as the class doesn't include the certification test - although it was in fact a Genuine Microsoft class, taught by a Microsoft Certified Education/Training Partner.

More important, it did show me a few tools that I'd not known about before, and establishes a base for quite a number of other MS courses that could lead to any of their certifications except for Office.

Now if I can convince the job that this makes me worth more money... or, wait, if I do, they may never send me to training again...
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