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How Cool Is That!?

Yesterday, I went into my local source for RPG materials - my "FLGS", "Friendly Local Gaming Store" (an acronym that I may actually have originated, on a gaming-related mailing list) - to purchase a recently released item. I approached the register to get my purchases rung up, and the guy looked at me and asked me how my website was doing. I told him (truthfully) "fine", and gave him the URL. Which he said he knew. We then got into an animated conversation about SF gaming in general and Traveller in particular, until a few more customers approached to pay for their purchases. I headed home, did my usual evening stuff, and went to sleep.

This morning, when I was doing my morning mail stuff, I suddenly realized:

I had never seen this guy before. He was new to the FLGS.

Yet he recognized me, and knew what website I ran.

Which means that he must have gone through enough of my website to find the Author Profiles section, *and* read my profile (with the picture), *and* remembered it well enough to recognize me and associate me with the website that he saw my pic on. Which in turn means he must have been favorably impressed by the site.

How cool is that, to be recognized because of your website!?
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