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June 2019
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A Better Solution...

The reason I created my 'cricket' filter was to allow people who weren't interested in cricket, but who had me on their friends lists, to avoid having my often-long cricket posts bloat up their friends pages. After discovering that one of my friends who opted in to this filter actually wanted to point other fans to one of the entries, I started thinking about another way to do it, which would allow for my non-friends to be able to see the entries, while still avoiding bloating my friends' friends pages.  The result: If you're in my 'cricket' filter, please join/watch the COMMUNITY usa_cricket!  I'll be copying all of the cricket posts from my personal journal over to that community, so you won't miss a thing.  The cricket filter will continue to exist for a while, because of the older entries that may not have aged off people's friends pages, but future posts on cricket will most likely go to usa_cricket instead.


When I first saw this, I felt that this solution wouldn't suit me at all.
I've been on cricket groups before, and the general very low level of analysis coupled with jingoistic name calling put me off such ventures.

So I felt disinclined to join up, particularly with the situation in the USA being so controversial. Whereas reading your discussion has always been worthwhile - even on the odd occasion where I don't agree with you, I want to see what you think.

But of course, right now it's full of your comments, so it's definitely worth a read - I spotted a couple of entries I hadn't read before, which was a bonus. So I've joined.

If it later degenerates into a clone of say rec.sport.cricket, I won't be staying around.

I am hopeful that the current high standard of posts is maintained.